Freezing, calibrating, crumbling, optical sorting, metal detection, packing, storaging.

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We offer services for fruit and vegetables raw materials

Fruit and vegetables freezing

Optical sorting, calibrating, pitting, crumbling, blanching, cutting

Storaging and logistic services of cold storage

Services offer

The information our full offer is provided by Sales Department.
We hold BRC Certificate (Grade A) as well as Kosher certificate. We apply HACCP standards. Our special offer are services for raw materials and ecological products as we have Eco certificate as well.

usługi mrożenia

Fruit and vegetables freezing

We offer freezing of raspberries, strawberries, black and red currant, sour cherries, gooseberries.

sorter optyczny

Sorting, pitting, calibrating, crumbling

We have optical sorter, pitting machines and metal detectors available. We can calibrate the product, crumble it etc.

składowanie w mroźni

Storaging and packing

Logistic services, storaging, packing of delivered products. Our internal platform allows us to fully identify each pallet of raw material on each stage of production.